Velcro Fabric Loop Side

Velcro fabric was invented in 1948 by the Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral.

He patented it in 1955 and soon went into commercial production of velcro type fabrics.

The word Velcro has been derived from the combination of French words velours (“velvet”), and crochet (“hook”).

Velcro fabrics are always composed of two parts: Male and female fabrics that can be separated and joined tens of thousands of times. One side is composed of mini loops and the other mini hooks. When the two sides are joined tgether, the loops and the hooks form loose bonds strong enough to hold the two fabrics together.

Velcro type fabrics are generally manufactured from nylon and polyester threads. Teflon loops and polyester hooks have been used to hold glass surfaces together on the space shuttle.

Velcro Fabric Hook Side

George de Mestral’s patent expired in 1978. Nevertheless, the name Velcro is registered in many countries throughout the world.