Elastane also known by the names spandex is a thread with unusual elasticity.
Fabrics with elastane are generally referred as “Elastane Fabrics”.
Technically speaking, in chemistry elastane is a “Polyurethane-polyurea copolymer”
and has been developed and engineered in the 1960s.
After elastane went into commercial production it has revolutionized the fabric industry.

In North America elastane is known as spandex which is a play on the word “expands”. Most European countries use the word “elasthane”.

Elastik Örme has been one of the first companies in Turkey to realize the potential of elastane fabrics and was indeed the first company to have commercial elastane fabrics in their line of products. Swimwear fabrics with elastane, underwear fabrics with elastane and special elastane fabrics for orthopedic use have been manufactured by us over the years. They are still a proud part of our spectrum of fabrics.

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